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Your review of the Morey Airplane Company's insurance coverage brought several areas to my attention in which we were under insured. AS a result, I have my insurance agent looking at our coverage in detail with the goal of correcting these shortcomings. It was a pleasure to work with you. I am very impressed at the detail of your review, the research you put into the project, and your patience in presenting your results. I am not an expert on insurance, but you made the details easy for a layman to understand. I highly recommend your services!

Richard Morey, Owner, Morey Airplane Company
Exacerbated by 3 common solopreneur business challenges, I reached out to Audrey to ask 2 questions: 1. Can I buy my way out of my challenges with a franchise acquisition? 2. Are there any complementary professional business services franchises, that can be operated as an international expat (virtually), with an initial investment of less than $50K? I gave it a 5% chance she would find anything and honestly, I didn't think I'd feel comfortable expanding my existing company through a franchise model. Her complete understanding of the goals reflected in my very specific parameters and total respect for my need to generate significant income in less than 3 years was refreshing and reassuring. The process of evaluating 2 very different franchises was extremely thorough. Without her by my side for guidance throughout the entire process, I'm not sure I would have found a solution that checked all my boxes. I now see a clear plan ahead of me and am excited to be moving forward. Maitri Meyer, Actually Done

Maitri Meyer, Owner, Actually Done
When we were looking for a franchise opportunity, we didn't know where to start. With so many franchises out there, we were somewhat intimidated by what we thought was going to be a tough sales pitch by the companies. We contacted Audrey Randall at Paradigm for some advice. Audrey met with us for an initial consultation, asked us our interests and what we might like and dislike in a franchise opportunity. From there she helped us to find the right franchise fit for us, not just what business we would like but what would fit our lifestyle and current financial situation. Audrey walked us through the entire process and provided great advice along the way. She was entirely objective and didn't steer us in one direction or the other, just guided us in the decision making process. If you are considering a franchise opportunity, before you contact any franchise directly I highly recommend contacting Audrey!

M.C., Michigan
I contacted Audrey in late 2011 when I began an investigation into franchise business ownership. Although I had owned two businesses previously, the franchise industry was new to me and I felt I needed some guidance as I went through the information gathering and due diligence process. I worked with Audrey throughout this process until the spring of 2012, and found her to be extremely valuable. She recommended several companies that were a good fit with my background and long-term goals, and maintained regular contact with me as I proceeded with research and discussions with those companies. Her knowledge of the industry and the companies she recommended were a great resource, and I always felt she had my best interests at heart as I went through the decision-making process. I would recommend Audrey to anybody considering the possibility of franchise ownership.

R.W., Michigan
Audrey is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive to questions and a great sounding board to help think through risks and benefits of available opportunities. Audrey is flexible and willing to chat through any preferred method and at a time that works best for me. I regard Audrey as a trusted business partner that I will work with well into the future.

E.V., Michigan
Audrey is deeply committed to serving the best interests of her clients. She works very hard to insure that the recommendations and solutions she presents are the best possible fit between your needs, interests, and goals and marketplace availability. She listens, she cares, she does her homework,and she has a great network of resources that she willingly shares. You can count on her to be with you every step of the way.

J.P., Kansas
I began working with Audrey in Sept 2010 as I began to consider franchise business ownership. I found Audrey to be a valuable resource. She clearly understands her business and is a person of high integrity. She listens to her clients and really tries to understand her clients needs and wants before recommending any franchise opportunities. Becoming a business owner can be a scary and intimidating process. Audrey is right there with you through the entire process serving as a coach and consultant. I never once felt Audrey was pushing anything on me just to get a sale. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to be successful. I would highly recommend her.

S.T., Texas
I began working with Audrey in the spring of 2013 when I began to explore investing in a franchise business. Audrey spent a significant amount of time getting to know me and learning what my goals and objectives were. She then presented several potential opportunities for my review that matched my objectives. She continued to provide support and direction throughout the process. She was always available and has a knack for asking the right questions to make sure I was considering all potential issues. I would highly recommend Audrey to anyone interested in Franchise ownership.

J.V., Texas
Audrey has worked with several of my clients and has provided exemplary service. Audrey truly works as an advocate for her clients and provides straight, honest answers and solutions. Audrey is my go-to person for clients contemplating the purchase of a franchise.

J.S., Michigan
I highly recommend Audrey Randall, Paradigm Risk Management Service, as a strategic risk management partner. Audrey recognized the complexity of Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes' (KLF) work in the community and helped provide a thorough risk identification and coverage gap analysis. Her professional approach and expertise in the insurance industry provided KLF with the information needed to make decisions that better meet the needs of our growing organization.

Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director
Audrey was contract by Comstock Township to assist the Township with HR compliance issues and to draft a new employee handbook. Audrey provided a wealth of knowledge and worked diligently towards the completion of the Employee Handbook. The Handbook is now completed. The Board stated it is a quality product and was well with the investment of time and money. They also stated it was excellent work done at a reasonable cost. We will most likely continue to use Audrey's services to keep the hand book up-to-date and continue to assist Comstock Township with HR compliance.

Anna Goodsell, Clerk
Audrey and I had an opportunity to work on a complete review of our firm's insurance requirements, coverage, with all its positives and negatives. Her review was very helpful and very detailed. I enjoyed her systematic approach to our review and her concern where some coverages lacked. I look forward to working with Audrey Randall again in the near future and would highly recommend her for this unique service she was able to provide. Her knowledge of the liability arena was astounding!

Billy Martin, Owner, Martin and Associates Environmental, LLC
I am always so impressed by Audrey's passion and dedication to remain the utmost expert in her field. Audrey makes every person she encounters feel more positive than when they met. She possesses a down-to-earth, genuine quality that exudes through all she does.

Chris Pradel, Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce
Audrey is extremely dependable and strives for accuracy in her applications. I would not hesitate to invest in her talent as a business provider and would be assured of a positive outcome if she is involved.

Doyle Hayes, President, Pyper Products
Audrey consistently provides my firm with her best efforts concerning risk assessment and mitigation. Her best is always well informed and professional and her knowledge level concerning risk assessment is exceptional. Audrey is also a strong contributor to the business community of Southwest Michigan and particularly the Kalamazoo area.

Scott Wall, President, New Age Landmark
I have worked with Audrey on several occasions over her career in the insurance industry. She has performed an excellent service to my business by taking the time to understand the business/ associated risk and then scouring the market to find the policy structure that address our risk profile while providing cost effective value. I strongly recommend Audrey when it comes to corporate insurance issues.

Bill Dobbins, President, Caster Concepts
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Audrey on a professional level and as a partner in a SCORE-sponsored all-day event, known as Entrepreneurship Day, held in January of 2015. Though it was our first attempt at an event of this magnitude it was deemed a success and we plan a repeat soon. Audrey and her organization were the "corporate" sponsors for the event and Audrey played a key role in the event's success. She worked tirelessly to assure that her commitment to the Team and the event was met, which it was. We hope Audrey will take a role in our upcoming Entrepreneurship Day, planned for early 2017.

Thomas M. McKenna, President, SCORE Kalamazoo