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If you have decided that you are going to invest in a franchise, buy a business or start your own business, determining how to fund that business should be a high priority. Researching funding options regardless of your financial position is a wise investment of your time. You should start the process of learning what your options are and determining how much of a loan you qualify for as soon as possible.

Just as you needed to get "pre-qualified" before you purchased your home, so that you knew what you could afford, you need to work with your franchise coach to understand what funding options are available to you. Your financial position is one of the criteria used to research franchise opportunities on your behalf.

So why must this learning occur "in parallel?" Can't you wait until you find the right franchise, then investigate financing? The answer to this is simple. You need to know what your budget is and what your return on your investment expectations are before you start searching. Again, would you go looking for a house before you knew what you could afford?

Can you imagine going to shop for a house without knowing what you could afford? Would you really want to find that perfect home only to find out two months later that you can't afford it? It will take anywhere between 30 to 120 days for you to find the right opportunity.

Some possibilities for financing your franchise or business opportunity include any one or combinations of the following:

  • Cash
  • Home Equity
  • Boot Strap Financing (friends, family, Angel Investors)
  • SBA loans
  • SBA 7a Loans (designed for startup and existing businesses)
  • Securities Backed Line of Credit
  • Unsecured loans
  • 401(k)/IRA Business Funding (Access existing retirement funds to start or purchase a business, tax deferred and penalty free.)

We have partnered with Benetrends to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Funding is one of the most important components in buying a franchise. Benetrends has been funding America's entrepreneurs for over 35 years, offering a comprehensive suite of funding options covering nearly every type of business situation.

*Exclusions apply. Please consult with our funding experts for full details.
**SBA Loan Money-Back Fee Guarantee: If Benetrends accepts your application for processing, we guarantee your application will be approved or we refund 100% of our fee.
***Once approved, a financial package will be needed for verification.

What is Your "Fundability"?

Pre-Qualify for funding to determine how much and what sources of options are available to you. Plus, you'll have faster access to funding, allowing you to open your new business sooner.

Whatever your funding needs are, we have the resources, the products, and the relationships with our high-quality funding partners.

Contact us today to start exploring your options.